A collection of featured short movies at your fingertips from around the world.



Video Streaming

Metamora is a subscription service that exclusively streams short movies. Artist’s ability to produce shorts despite few options to fund, distribute, and profit from their work is a testament to the value of this medium.

Submissions for Artists

Artists have the ability to upload their short movies, which will be reviewed and if selected will be compensated for and displayed on the platform. User’s pay a subscription fee to be able to stream the shorts.


A collection of dozens of short movies from around the world. They are all hand-picked.


Stream short movies and add short movies to your watch list so you can stream them later.


Video streaming service provided by Amazon Web Services to provide crystal clear video quality.


A very advanced video player with closed captioning and playback memory.

Our testimonials

Working with Apptomistic might have been the most positive experience I’ve ever had with a company. They were responsive, communicative, and the end product was above and beyond my expectations.

Nick J

CEO at Metamora

Apptomistic has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am definitely going to work with them in the future. If you need something done on a timeline, Apptomistic is the way to go.

Ben S

Founder of Authoritek

Could not recommend Apptomistic enough. I’ve worked with them since day 1, and have never had any complaints about work ethic, code quality, or capabilities. I would not recommend anyone but Apptomistic.

Sasa V

CEO at Parti